Artist’s Statement

PYO Artist’s Statement


Here’s a Statement:

I am a UK artist, most known for creating socially- and politically-conscious pieces, as well as working in the medium of paper installation.

Broadly, my work is often concerned with the way cognition shapes reality, and hence how reality differs from what we perceive. This comes from living with a brain disability that means I quite literally inhabit a parallel world to the rest of humanity. So I do like to draw attention to how our minds impose categories upon a chaos and create the world as we know it.

This different and very particular perspective leads to work that probes and undermines the fabric of reality. This includes toying with politically-charged yet arbitrary cultural notions like gender, race, nationality, and religion. Much of my work also explores outsiderness, the marginalized voice, and disenfranchisement (political and otherwise), and there are often uncanny resonances of the body. The political aspects of the work are very intimately connected to the more esoteric ontological aspects, because the former very much proceeds from the latter. (To be honest, my art is about all sorts of stuff, but ‘they’ don’t really like that because it’s apparently more important that they know how to categorize you, than that you have a breadth of intellect and ideas…)

I work in a great variety of media, but am most known for paper interventions. They are fragile and ephemeral, and rely on photographic recording. The practice of making them verges on the performative because of the often absurd difficulty of placing the paper in the environment given the conditions, and because of the very repetitive and lengthy nature of the making (particularly in comparison to the short-lived result). They inhabit a hinterland between installation, performance, and photography.



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