Anna has tried very hard to create a soundbitey mission statement, encapsulating her artistic and philosophical concerns. They tend to be really wanky, so she usually deletes them. (However, if you are determined to read something esoteric, please see the Artist’s Statement.)

Anna was born in Glasgow in 1977, and read Experimental Psychology & Philosophy at Worcester College, Oxford. She worked in publishing and academia before turning to photography full-time in 2006. In 2012, she transitioned from a purely commercial practice to an artistic one, embracing other media. Away from the studio, Anna enjoys reading and writing poetry, (she was shortlisted for the 2015 Montreal Poetry Prize; publications include Rialto, The Frogmore Papers, Orbis), travel, and wilderness.

Her greatest passion is music and she is a whore to every genre. She no longer plays the cello (a great mercy to us all), but can still be caught with guitar in hand or at the keys. She sings in various choirs. She also sings folk and jazz. Sometimes even in public.

She currently exists in Milton Keynes.