Land Economy I – III

I: (2014) paper [The Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law]; Mill Lane Library, Cambridge

II: (2014) laminated paper [The Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law], metal chain; Cambridge University Sidgwick Site

Both commissioned for A:L:L (Art:Language:Location), affiliated with the Festival of Ideas, in Cambridge.

III: (2018) laminated paper [The Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law], tyvek, metal chain, plastic, glue; Doddington Hall  


A series of installations probing the relationship between humanity, land, and landscape. The title comes from a degree offered at Cambridge University, often undertaken by those interested in estate management; the encylopaedia the piece is constructed from is a common source of reference for this degree. The installation uses the artist’s characteristic cones to colonise the manmade environment in an unsettling organic manner.