Pardise Lost

Installation for MK50, Milton Keynes, 2018 (film, tent, ripped architectural plans.)


This work is about how we all try to be the architects of our own lives, just as the architects of MK tried to plan a utopian town.


It’s a piece to mark MK50. Members of the homeless community chatted about how they feel about Milton Keynes, whilst ripping up some original architectural plans. Their thoughts are recorded and shown inside a tent, which is covered with the ripped-up plans. It’s ultimately a very human piece about how we all make plans in life and sometimes things don’t work out as we’d anticipated.

(The title was suggested by one of the interviewees)

This piece was created in collaboration with the wonderful Rosemary Hill, Elliot Willis, OpenDoorMK, and the amazing people who were prepared to chat with us. Many thanks to all of them. It was shown for MKFringe 2018.