True Story

(2011) inkjet print,
I include this piece because it marks the point I transitioned from purely photographer to artist. The photographic collective I was part of was asked to respond to Gerard Byrne’s work at MK Gallery in 2011.  It was decided we would pivot our responses around a random page from vintage magazine ‘True Story’. It was a photography exhibition; I made a paper sculpture. I used scanning as the photographic process, treating the text as an object, and abstracting its content by iterations of scanning until it was unintelligible. This I then transformed into a decorative object – far removed from its original incarnation as a body of information-bearing content.

Just as existential and epistemological concerns figure in Gerard Byrne’s work when he explores the interface between myth and reality, I was expressing my doubts about the nature of reality as it is generally accepted. Instead there is a post-structuralist conviction that we construct an object’s identity purely from how we label it – we create identity by the act of identifying, and reality itself from the act of perception and cognition. This object is a photograph.