Breathing Room

Breathing Room is an immersive installation designed to change the way we experience space around us on a primal level. It is a kinetic light installation in the form of a tunnel, lined with cones that ‘breathe’. The experience is strange and otherworldly – some find it alters consciousness, others have even been moved to tears. 

The brightly lit outside is a skeletal armature with a visible slightly-tortuous movement mechanism. This contrasts with the inside, which bathes you in soft luminous light, and moves organically – breathing and blossoming. Having already seen the mechanism, this creates a sense of the uncanny. The immersion in the distinctive movement of the cones is unlike any other sensory experience, and this can feel profound. 

Breathing Room is hard to convey on screen, because its immersive and experiential nature works on a more primitive level than language can access, whilst visually, the experience hinges on the differential between your visual periphery vs where you are looking.

(Audio Described video)

The piece is currently touring – it is suitable for indoor and outdoor showings, and is particularly suited for urban light festivals or gallery spaces. If you would like further details or to show Breathing Room, please contact producer Siobhan Andrews Kapoor.

We have an amazing team working on Breathing Room, including producer Siobhan Andrews Kapoor, production managers Anya Fox and Mat Ort, original collaborator Clive Doherty, engineer Martin West and 101 Outdoor arts along with support from Festive Road.

The piece begin in a very different form – the original Breathing Room was quite a political piece, inkeeping with my work at the time. and kinetic paper installation. However, after getting an Unlimited R&D grant, it evolved in a different direction. Whilst it remains a kinetic ‘paper’ installation like the original, this version very much focusses on the sensory aesthetic.