(2014) paper, wood, plastic, metal, motors, carbon fibre, digital components, batteries

Site-specific kinetic installation commissioned by MK Fringe in TheCentreMK (Please click on the videos to appreciate the movement and sound).

(This piece has evolved into a different beast, thanks to an Unlimited RnD Commission – here is the latest iteration of Breathing Room.)

Ownership of public space was the fringe theme, and I wanted to comment on the hard line between commercial and non-commercial space in Milton Keynes. I got as much breadth of Milton Keynes community as possible to donate their waste paper, from which I constructed a living, breathing representation of the community, recolonizing the commercial space. We had donations from all sorts of charities, civic bodies, interest groups, and individuals, including copies of degree certificates, and old school work!

I was overwhelmed by the response this piece generated. The public really embraced it, and you can see a very brief clip of me talking about it on the local news here.

Here’s a couple of quick videos – just wafting an iphone about to get a sense of the motion and sound. (A proper film was commissioned, but unfortunately never materialised.)

Here’s a gallery of pictures, including some of the construction, and of the opening (which, annoyingly, mostly have me in them as well – sorry!). Thanks to Maja Dunn, Legge, and Hilly Edwards for the unofficial photographs.

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