Socially-Engaged Art – my critique of the current artworld zeitgeist, including the rise in profile of socially-engaged work. My part is about half and hour and starts at 36.50.
(Feb ’23)

Slaughtering The Sacred Cows – my talk, which opened the symposium I curated at MAC Birmingham at the end of my curatorial residency, to find the intersection of Art, Disability, and Free-Thinking.
(March ’20)

Curating Disability – Editorial series on Curatorial Residency at MAC Birmingham in a-n.
(August ’19 – )

Curator’s Talk
My talk on the show I curated as part of the outcome of my residency at MAC Birmingham, Art and Social Change: The Disability Arts Movement – (27th February)

(Interview) David Reeve interviews Anna Berry
June ’19
David interviews me about the first part of my Curatorial Residency at MAC Birmingham.

Perspectives on Reality
June ’19
Panel Discussion at Sheffield Doc|Fest
The Relationship between Outsiderness, Perceptual Difference, and Social Change.

Interrogating Invisibility
January ’19
After speaking at an event chaired by the wonderful Aidan Moseby at MAC Birmingham about representation of disabled artists, I wrote this follow-up piece for Disability Arts Online.

Artist and Academic – Consumer Capitalism and Economic Degrowth
October ’18
My sold-out talk about the individual’s relationship to Consumer Capitalism in conjunction with my piece The Constantly Moving Happiness Machine, along with academic Dr. Jason Hickel talking about the necessity for economic degrowth.

How The Art World Excludes Introverts
July ’18
Reflection and response to the controversy surrounding the publication of Shape and The White Pube‘s artist resource, How To Get An Exhibition.
(Commissioned editorial for Disability Arts Online, also picked up by Arts Professional Good-Reads)

Disability is the Poor Relation of Identity Politics
December ’17
Some thoughts about Disability as an identity in the art world.
(Commissioned editorial for Disability Arts Online also picked up by Arts Professional Good-Reads)

(Interview) Articulaction Art Review
June ’16
My work featured in Articulaction Contemporary Art Review

What Is Art?
August ’14
Blog on a-n

A Blog About Building Breathing Room
July ’14
Blog on a-n