An Alternative Statement:

I am an artist based in the UK. Sometimes I create large kinetic installation, but not always. Sometimes I make politically conscious pieces, but not always. I often work with paper, but not always.

Various brain and body stuff I won’t bore you with means I inhabit somewhat of a parallel world to most of humanity. I like to explore how we experience reality and the world around us. Although many are conceptual in nature, my pieces tend to be experiential, and viscerally and emotionally charged; sometimes they resonate with the organic or impart a sense of the uncanny.

I work in a variety of media, but am most known (amongst the very few to whom I am known) for paper interventions. They are fragile and ephemeral, and rely on photographic recording. The practice of making them verges on the performative because of the very repetitive and lengthy nature of the making (particularly in comparison to the short-lived result) as well as the sometimes absurd difficulty of placing the paper in the environment. They inhabit a hinterland between installation, performance, and photography.

More recently I have added porcelain to my vocabulary. At least it’s archival if not robust (perhaps it’s robust when not threaded on bouncing rods…)

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