Imagine, if you will, a 15 ft snaking paper ribbon on a horizontal plane, with 70’s-style dymo tape text on both sides. (That’s what would have been in the picture…). Unfortunately the festival team were not very competent and they messed up installing it. Here’s a description though:


So Near Yet So Far

As a foreigner, my only cognitive association with Orlando is Disney. I asked an open question on facebook about what the idea of Disney brought to mind, and whether it was positive or negative. (I believe I phrased it “childhood magic or cryogenically-frozen nazi?”) Interestingly, it really polarized people. It got me thinking about how, when we disagree, it can be about something much more fundamental than the issue itself. It’s about people’s different cognitive styles, different ways of being, and fundamentally different personalities. My installation comprises a long strip of paper. On one side there will be the text of positive responses, and on the other side will be the text of the negative responses. Of course, because they are on opposite sides of the strip, they are a hair’s breadth away from each other, yet they can never meet nor see each other.

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