(Sculpture, 2015, shown Conway Hall 2016.) election fliers, acetate, paper

You can read my blog about this piece published by The Fabian Society here.

I constructed a trio of wreaths from party political electioneering material. They are in memorial to those who have died following the imposition of bedroom tax or as a result of having benefits revoked.The names and circumstances are listed on the wreaths. Someone had submitted a FOI and published this information online.

I conceived of the piece around the time of the general election. I was struck by how alienated people seemed to be from the political process. It was as if they feel that it mades no difference who was in power — the decisions made on high have no relevance to them. I wanted to bridge the gap between what happens in our political system, and what happens in our daily lives. I wanted to make that relationship very concrete — to show that it really really does matter.

The piece is very much of its political moment, and perhaps anachronistic: today we seem to suffer from too much ideology and polarization rather than apathy.