Compressor Process (no title)

Where Do You Live, 2020, MK Gallery

I’ve been working on a process using a compressor to create a kinetic piece that ‘puffs out’ cones for a couple of years now. The first version was used in my ITV logo, and this is the second prototype. It is fully outdoor friendly and ready to scale-up.

The plan is to create a large outdoor version, with many low-hanging ‘droplets’ (I think of them as Puffer Fish 😂) that people can weave between, which expand randomly. (See video below for movement, and scroll down for further pics of prototype.)

I’ll be honest, I crowbarred something bollocksy on it concept-wise so they had something to put on the gallery wall, but this piece was really about working through and RnDing the process. The coloured postcards, though, did reference my previous piece at MK Gallery.